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Season 1, Episode 64
Air date January 11, 2015
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Restart (Risutāto, リスタート) is episode 64 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The episode follows the storyline from most pages of chapter 194 to chapter 196 of the manga.


Sawamura and Furuya tries to move on from the loss while Nori finds it hard. Miyuki is chosen as the new Captain with Kuramochi and Maezono as the new Vice-captains. Kataoka submits his resignation.


Maezono and Haruichi have a conversation about Ryosuke and tells Haruichi that he envies him since he got to play in the game, Haruichi can feel really bad from the bottom of his heart. However, he confess that he had been waiting for the upperclassmen to retire, shocking Haruichi. Zono adds that he really wanted to play in the game and now is thier age.

Zono and the others try to practice in secret but Haruichi has joined them, Rei and Kataoka watch, Miyuki and Kuramochi arrive. At the dorm during dinner, the players wonder who will be the new captain. Sawamura suddenly yells in front of Furuya saying that he'll be the king of all aces to the surprise of everyone. Haruichi wonders if something happened and Kuramochi thinks that Sawamura is back to being himself again. Sawamura asks Miyuki if he could watch the finals video again and Miyuki says yes. Miyuki asks Furuya if he too, wants to watch it, but Furuya shrugs saying that he knows what his problem is. Nori stands and leaves the dining room.

As Miyuki and Sawamura watches the video, Miyuki thinks that Sawamura is trying his best to move on. On the other hand, he is worried about Nori. He recalls Narumiya's words about Inashiro being the srongest team even without him, as well as what Shirakawa had told him. Miyuki feels fired up and hopes for Narumiya to come back stronger. Kuramochi and Zono are summoned by Kataoka and asks them to support Miyuki who is the new Captain and fourth batter while still being the team's primary catcher. At the field, Miyuki tells the team that he wants results. As the new team practices, Kataoka talks to Rei and Oota about his resignation.