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Season 2, Episode 36
Air date December 7, 2015
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Rematch is episode 36 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 351 to chapter 354 of the manga.


The second match of the semifinals is a rematch between Yakushi High and Ichidaisan High. With Ichidaisan's returnee and new ace, Amahisa Kosei, can the team avenge their bitter Summer loss?


Seidou celebrates their victory while at Seiko's side, Tsune is in tears wondering what went wrong. Masu assures him that it wasn't his fault, and says that the fault is on himself for underestimating Miyuki. From the stands, Coach Kumakiri is noticed by the audience. Kumakiri apologizes to them, shares a bit of his plans, and thanks them for their continuing support.

As both teams leave the dugout, the Seidou players encounter Yakushi's Sanada, Raichi, Akiba and Mishima. On the other hand, Tsune has an unpleasant meeting with Ichidai's Amahisa.

At game time, top of the first, Yakushi High goes down three-for-three and at the bottom, Akiba strikes out Ichidai's batters. On top of the second, Amahisa goes head to head against Raichi, and Raichi eventually hits a solo-homerun off him. Raizou wonders if Amahisa's confidence is shaken only to be surprised to see Amahisa grin. At the bottom, Ichidai scores two runs. Raizou swaps the battery— Akiba will play catcher and Mishima will play pitcher to prevent Ichidai from scoring more.

On top of the third, Amahisa continues to strike out Yakushi's batters, thinking back that time he left the baseball club, and the realization that he didn't know how special is the excitement and thrill he feels standing on the field.