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Reliable Underclassmen
Season 1, Episode 57
Air date November 22, 2014
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Reliable Underclassmen (Tanomoshii Kouhai-tachi, 頼もしい後輩達) is Episode 57 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The episode follows the storyline from chapters 169 to 171 of the manga.


Seidou gives up on Narumiya's change-up. Furuya hits and Eijun bunts. Ryousuke asks his coach for a pinch hitter to replace him at-bat.


Chris tells the team that Inashiro has been trying to shift Seidou's attention to the change-up. He also adds that Narumiya only pitches ten change-ups per game and that there maybe a reason why he won't pitch more. Kataoka instructs the team to forget about the change-up since they've already played into the enemy's hands. On the mound, Narumiya is still furious about the last inning and his teammates tells him to calm down. He practice his pitches and Harada knows that Narumiya's pitch count is almost 100.

Top of the eighth, Furuya is at-bat. Sawamura's on deck and cheers him on. The first pitch is a sharp crossfire to the inside surprising Furuya and Eijun. Narumiya pitches more and the count is 1B-2S. Narumiya throws the fourth pitch, a fastball to the outside, Furuya hits to the right field and gets on base. Sawamura is next at-bat. Eijun sacrifice bunts to advance Furuya to the next base. Shirasu is next and hits the first pitch. Harada wonders why Seidou's swings have gotten sharper.

Inashiro calls for a time-out to the displeasure of Narumiya. Kunitomo sends a messenger to the mound. Harada tells the team that they may concede a run and the messenger agrees saying that its what Kunitomo also said. Narumiya is not happy and tells his teammates that they're not even in a pinch since he's pitching. Kuramochi is at-bat. The first pitch is a ball followed by a strike. Furuya runs to third and Kuramochi bunts almost missing the hit. Kuramochi again bunts the next pitch while remembering Ryosuke's words of wanting to be replaced at bat since he couldn't move the way he wants and that they have reliable underclassmen. Furuya scores, the score is now 2-3. Ryousuke is replaced by Haruichi at bat and tells his younger brother to swing at the first pitch.


Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.