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Reliable Teammates
Season 1, Episode 34
Air date June 01, 2014
Written by Takeshi Konuta
Directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara
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Reliable Teammates (Tayoreru Senpai-tachi; 頼れる先輩達) is Episode 34 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The Episode follows the storyline from chapter 98 to 100 of the manga.


Yakushi is after Furuya's fastballs, scoring a run on top of the first. Miyuki reminds Furuya that he's got reliable teammates defending behind him and another one in front of him. On the bottom, Seidou's batters follow suit scoring multiple runs.


Top of the first, Furuya throws a high ball impressing Raichi. The second pitch is a low forkball but is a ball. Raichi remain unfazed and is not swinging his bat. Raichi hits the third pitch and the ball goes straight to the wall in right-center field. Raichi gets to second base. Next batter for Yakushi is also a freshman, Akiba who swing and miss Furuya's splitter. Raizou grins in the dugout, for in truth, the team is aiming to only hit Furuya's fastballs. Akiba hits the high fastball next, and Raichi makes it back home. It is revealed that Raizou had put Raichi on top of the batter order to have Furuya throw from the stretch should Raichi get on base. Seidou's infielder gather on the mound. Miyuki tells Furuya that he'll be centering plays on the splitter but his fastball will still be his best weapon. He reminds his kouhai that he's got reliable teammates defending behind him.

The third batter hits a foul. For the second pitch, Furuya throws a splitter. Miyuki sees a steal coming and brings his glove low enough to catch the ball quickly. He throw sharply to Kuramochi, outing Akiba. He then tells a stunned Furuya that he's got another reliable senpai in front. Sawamura is awed, getting startled when the crowd go crazy. In the bottom of the first, Seidou scores a run. Yuki lines out to Raichi and while Raizou think that they need to watch out for Miyuki's at-bat, Masuko hits a two-homer. Miyuki, up sixth, hits straight to the pitcher. He still can’t hit without runners on base.

Top of the second, Raizou follows Akikawa's strategy to shut down Furuya. Miyuki realizes this and calls for more control from Furuya. Furuya throws from the stretch and is a strike. The next ball goes to first and Furuya cover as Yuki gets the ball. Furuya outs the next batter and Raizou think of breaking him at Raichi's second at bat.