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Season 2, Episode 37
Air date December 14, 2015
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Priorities is episode 37 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 355 to chapter 358 of the manga.


With Ichidaisan on the lead and a confident Amahisa on the mound, Yakushi sends Sanada to pitch, and the score is put to a standstill. On top of the eighth, runners on base and Raichi at-bat, can Yakushi turn the game around?


Ichidai and Yakushi High's match continue. At the bottom of the third, Sanada is sent to the mound, replacing Mishima. Since then, neither team has scored despite Raichi getting a hit on his second at-bat.

Now top of the sixth, after striking out Mishima, Amahisa faces Raichi for the third time. Ochiai comments behind Rei and Kataoka, that he'd walk Raichi every time (even without runners on base) if it were him. He adds that Yakushi is nothing special if Raichi can't hit. The first pitch is low and away, followed by a high slider. The third pitch is a low slider that Raichi hits not so strongly but enough to get to first. Sanada hits Amahisa's fastball next, and Raichi attempts to run all the way to home but doesn't make it.

Bottom of the inning, Ichidai's second and third batters consecutively hit, thus runners on first and second. At-bat is the clean-up, Hoshida. The first pitch is a foul. The second pitch is a two-seamer that is almost akin to a sinker because of the how the pitch breaks. Hoshida hits but the ball bounces straight to Sanada and pulls off the double play.

Top of the seventh, Amahisa's sharp sliders keep the Yakushi batters off base. At the bleachers, Rei comments that the climax of the game will be at Raichi's next at-bat. Ochiai thinks Ichidai will win if they walk Raichi, and that it'll be up to Ichidai's coach to convince a confident pitcher such as Amahisa to walk the slugger. Shifting his glance to Kataoka, Ochiai asks what will his priority be, the ace's pride or a win for the team. Bottom of the inning, despite having runners on base, Sanada prevents Ichidai from scoring. Sanada then have a flashback of Raizou coaching the Yakushi baseball team.

Top of the eighth, Akiba gets on base then advances to second with Masuda's bunt. Batting next is Mishima who isn't happy with Amahisa focusing only on Raichi. He is later hit by a pitch. With runners on first and second, at-bat is Raichi. Ichidai's coach sends a messenger to the mound. At the bleachers, Kataoka gives his answer to Ochiai.