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Who is your favorite Character?[]




(2012-10-29 to 2013-10-29)

Which position would you like to play?[]

(2013-10-29 to 2014-01-04)

What do you prefer?[]

(2014-01-04 to 2014-03-10)

Who is your candidate to be Seidou's ace?[]

(2014-03-10 to 2015-10-15)

Why do you read | watch Daiya no A?[]

(2015-10-15 to 2016-06-08)

Who is your favorite coach?[]

(2016-06-08 to 2016-08-24)

How far will the story be told?[]

(2016-08-24 to 2017-05-15)

Who is your favorite Seidou first-year?[]

(2017-05-15 to 2018-07-04)

Do you want another season for Diamond no Ace?[]

(2018-07-04 to 2020-04-01)

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