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Persistent and Diligent
Season 2, Episode 15
Air date July 13, 2015
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Persistent and Diligent is episode 15 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 277 to chapter 280 of the manga.


Miyuki and Maezono set aside their misunderstanding in order to win. Ugumori's team on the other hand, makes Furuya throw a lot and his pitch count has reached a hundred. Furuya however, stays persistent and diligent, pitching low strikes consistently to out the batters.


Miyuki hits Umemiya's slider and Seidou scores a run. Batting next is Maezono who also get a hit off Umemiya sending Miyuki home. After three outs, Maezono and Miyuki exchange high-fives clearing the tension they've had earlier, with Maezono keeping the teams goal of taking Kataoka to Koshien in mind. Sawamura cheers on but is told by Kuramochi to shut up for ruining the atmosphere.

From the bleachers watch Fukui, and Tadano who ponders about what Miyuki had told Furuya after Furuya disobeys his lead.

In the third inning, Miyuki hits a two-run homer into the right field. The rest of the team follow suit adding two more runs for Seidou's sixth run in the fifth inning. At Furuya's at-bat, he hits Umemiya's ball and Umemiya tells him they won't lose as the latter race against him to cover first base. Top of the sixth, the Ugumori team is persistent making Furuya throw a lot of pitches. The runner on first attempts to steal second but is stopped by Miyuki's sharp throw. Despite the predicament they are faced with, Ugumori remain cheerful.

Bottom of the sixth, two outs and bases loaded, Haruichi's up to bat. He however, fails to deliver after seeing Umemiya smirk at him. On top of the seventh, Ugumori's lead-off man gets on base then successfully steals second. But Furuya is persistent and diligent, pitching low strikes consistently to out the batters.