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Party Boys
Season 2, Episode 48
Air date March 7, 2016
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Party Boys is episode 48 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 398 to chapter 401 of the manga.


At the top of the eighth, Seidou plays more aggressively to put pressure on Sanada. Sanada doesn't back down and successfully prevents Seidou from scoring a run. At the top of the ninth, Kuramochi fails to get on base. With one out, Tojou is next to bat. Will he manage to hit off Sanada?


After the Miyuki and Sawamura battery prevail against Yakushi's clean-up batters, Sawamura receives compliment from his teammates for his performance. And Kataoka entrusts him the eighth.

Wakana, shown watching from the bleachers have a flashback of Sawamura mailing her details of Seidou's victory against Ouya High. Wakana sends a message saying that she wanted to see Sawamura's daily growth in person— a mail that Sawamura is yet to see.

Back to the game, Kataoka tells his players to be aggressive, swing hard and pressure hard. At the top of the eighth, Shirasu is up to bat. He stands on the line to pressure Sanada and to seal inside pitches. Sanada doesn't back down, throwing an inside pitch for the first strike. The second pitch, Shirasu is out on a liner to first. Batting seventh is Seidou's pinch hitter Kanemaru. The first pitch is a ball. Kanemaru hits afterwards and the ball goes over Raichi to left field. He gets a double. Sawamura is up, bunting to advance Kanemaru to third. Batting ninth is Asou, who stands away from the plate. He baits an inside pitch but gets out on first. Nonetheless, he receives praise from his teammates.

Bottom of the eighth, Yakushi leads by one, Sawamura hold the Yakushi batters down. At the top of the ninth, Raizou gives his players words of encouragement. Seidou is back to the top of their batting order. Kuramochi hits right to the second baseman, taking him down for the first out. Batting second is Tojou who is very determined to get on base.