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Season 2, Episode 47
Air date February 29, 2016
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Partnership is episode 47 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 394 to chapter 397 of the manga.


At the top of the seventh, Sanada defeats the heart of Seidou's batting order. In the bottom of the seventh, Sawamura returns the favor by striking out Yakushi's 3rd, 4th and 5th batters.


At the top of the seventh, Haruichi is up to bat. Sanada throws a powerful shootball that breaks Haruichi's wooden bat and he is out on first. Miyuki bats next but before that, Yakushi High's former pitcher Mino recalls a conversation he's had with Sanada and believes they can make it to Nationals.

Back to the game, Miyuki is out on a grounder to third while Maezono struck out with a cutter to the outside. Bottom of the seventh, Sawamura gets the first out by jamming Masuda. Batting next is Mishima. Sawamura quickly gets two strikes, frustrating Mishima. He fights it out with fouls before getting on base with a hit into left field. Raichi is at-bat next and Seidou's battery decides to face him head-on. The first pitch is the change-up and Raichi went for it, but is a foul. The second pitch is another change-up and another foul. The third pitch is a pitch Raichi's been waiting for but it's a swing and miss.

Two outs and a runner on base, up to bat is Sanada. Sawamura opens up with a change-up for the first strike. The second and third pitch are fastballs which are supposed to be balls but Sanada swings anyway. The fourth pitch is a change-up, a swing and miss for Sanada and that's the third out. Yakushi once again, fail to score additional runs.