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Sawamura palmball
First Seen
Manga Chapter 300
Anime S2 - Episode 22
Notable Users
Pitchers Sawamura Eijun

The Palmball is a type of off-speed pitch that belongs to the Changeup family and is the second most common type of Changeup. The Palmball has higher velocity than that of a standard Circle Changeup; however, it has more breaking movements. The Palmball will break down and to the side of the pitcher's throwing arm.


Picture Palmball
Palmball grip.

The Palmball is gripped by wrapping all 4 fingers around the ball and holding the ball tightly within the Palm; hence, the name.

The term "Eagle grip" applies for this pitch mentioned throughout the series is exclusively used in Japan.


Pitcher Description Image
Sawamura Eijun Sawamura's Palmball is in fact very similar to his irregular moving fastball he used early in the series as it has the same grip, it was coined Fast Changeup by Miyuki. [1] His Palmball not only breaks Horizontally and Vertically, it also breaks for depth.[1] See infobox


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