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Season 1, Episode 66
Air date January 25, 2015
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Outsider (Yosomono, よそ者) is episode 66 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The episode follows the storyline from chapters 202 to 205 of the manga.


Inashiro loses at the Koshien Finals. At Seidou, an outsider observes the team from the gallery. Who could he be?


The night before the Koshien finals, Narumiya thanks his teammates for their support and asks them to bear with him for one more day. He tells Harada that they'll win Koshien, and Harada agrees.


"We'll take the top! "

August 21, the day of the Koshien Finals, and teams from West Tokyo watches. Narumiya walks to the mound, and Sawamura wonders what it's like to stand on that mound. Narumiya prepares to pitch thinking that he and Inashiro will go look at the view of being the best in Japan.

Meanwhile, the third years of Ichidai Third High goes to go to the beach. Tanba is with them, as he was invited by Manaka. Both reflects about their loss at the tournament and the future. August 22nd, On the news, Inashiro lost at the Finals. And Komadai's four pitcher relay is featured. At Seidou, the players are cheered by the gallery. Kuramochi hoped Inashiro to win so Narumiya is demotivated the next year, to which Miyuki disagrees. The team sees Furuya and Sawamura running around the field. Sawamura remembers Inashiro's last play and Harada's interview, then thinks that he too, would like to stand on the Koshien stage.

From the gallery, someone who referred to himself as an 'outsider', asks a Seidou alumnus about Seidou's pitchers. Seidou practice their batting and the outsider observes. Miyuki tries to put Nori back on his feet by assigning a task he says only he can do. Later on, the 'outsider' encounters Sawamura, Furuya, and Haruichi, and tells them that Seidou will lose, calling the team masochists, irritating Sawamura.

The 'outsider' is later on revealed to be Ochiai Hiromitsu, Seidou's new Assistant Coach. Kataoka informs Ochiai of a scrimmage against Yakushi to test out Seidou's current strength.