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Out of Time
Season 3, Episode 21
Out of Time
Air date August 20, 2019
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Out of Time (時間がない, Jikan ga Nai) is the 21st episode of Diamond no Ace Act II anime series. The episode follows the storyline from the fifth to the last page of chapter 58 to chapter 60 of the Act II manga.


Three schools from Western Tokyo will be playing in the Kanto Tournament, Inashiro, Ichidai and Yakushi. We also find out Mimura, Kawashima and Takatsu join Seido's first string. While Kukki , Kagami , Seto and Okumura make second string. The anxiety of getting a spot on the first string grows, as the third years are feeling intimidated by some of the prodigeous first years. Kanemaru upsets Takatsu as a result of miscommunication, coming across as talking down to him rather than congratulating him. Comically, the second years receive Kataoka as their Modern Japanese teacher (as he originally is a teacher). Sawamura notes he'll be dead if he falls asleep in this class. Yui joins Miyuki's cram school amongst the catchers and pitchers. Miyuki also encourages Sawamura and Furuya to practice with the first year catchers in order to build relationship and knowledge. He also expresses he'll help the two as best as he can. Miyuki offers to help with their pitches any time they ask.