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Out of Order
Season 2, Episode 06
Air date May 11, 2015
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Out of Order is episode 6 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from the second half of chapter 246 to the first few pages of chapter 250.


The game finally resume and Mukai doesn't let Seidou score while Furuya seem to have lost the focus he's had before the break. Kataoka decide to switch pitchers, sending in Sawamura, who, despite pitching only to the outside, makes the best possible relief.


After a long pause, the game finally resume. Bottom of the fifth, Miyuki hits Mukai's pitch getting a double. No out and runner on second, Furuya is batting next. He however, doesn't look at the coaches sign and pops the first pitch. Kataoka is not happy, reminding Furuya that the game had already resumed. Despite the following batters efforts with Miyuki in third base, Seidou doesn't score.

On top of the sixth, Furuya is throwing wide and balls walking the first batter. In the dugout, Kataoka tells Kawakami to get ready. Batting next is Kengo who sends Furuya's pitch flying just between right and centerfield. No outs, runners on second and third, Furuya is aware he's in trouble. Despite the team being in a pinch, he can't get his spirits up and is desperately looking for some 'fire'. The next batter hits between second and third, and the third base runner makes it back home. Asou gets the ball and throws back to Miyuki to out Kengo. Miyuki goes to the mound to calm Furuya. Furuya however, still throw a high ball, and this poor performance after the break confuse coach Okamoto. Miyuki thinks of what he can do to fix Furuya but Kataoka calls for a pitcher substitution.

Kataoka sends in Sawamura wanting to see the pitching Sawamura had shown against the third years. Before Sawamura leave the dugout, Kataoka makes sure that Sawamura is aware of the situation the team is faced with. Sawamura throws to the outer edge for the first pitch giving Miyuki goosebumps. He continue to strike the following batters stopping Teitou's momentum.