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Out Run
OAD, Episode 2
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Out Run is the second OAD of the anime Diamond no Ace. This is included in the limited-edition DVD which is an anime adaptation of "Kuramochi Youichi Special Bangaihen: Out Run", which appeared in the Ace of Diamond Official Guidebook "Omote",and tells the story of Kuramochi Youchi in his yankee days and early experiences at Seidou.


Despite being a trouble-maker, Kuramochi gets an offer to play in Seidou High School.


At practice, Sawamura and Haruichi praise the Kuramochi and Ryosuke duo. At the back of Sawamura's mind however, is that behind Kuramochi's talented facade is someone who likes wrestling him. Miyuki joins them and says that Kuramochi and Ryosuke weren't a good combo at the start. Ryosuke and Kuramochi notice the three looking at them, prompting Kuramochi to ask what Sawamura is looking at. Sawamura asks Kuramochi what he was like in middle school. Miyuki teases Kuramochi about having blond hair before and Sawamura thinks he's right about Kuramochi being a yankee.

In a flashback, Kuramochi is scolded by his teachers for starting a fight somewhere, beating up some guys. It turns out that a boy whose nose Kuramochi broke in that fight, is the son of one of the council members. Kuramochi is unfazed, denying his involvement. But soon admits to it after he's informed that the school that invited him retracts their offer due to the incident. Kuramochi however, doesn't regret his actions. He later give his baseball glove to a kid playing with a soccer ball together with his friends.

At home, Kuramochi has a guest who introduce herself as Takashima Rei from Seidou High School. Kuramochi is elated that he's been invited to join the school's baseball team and gets back the baseball glove he's given away. He runs to his friends wanting to share the news, only to find them smoking cigars and hear them talk negatively of him. His friends see him outside and Kuramochi lets them know that he's going to Tokyo before walking away. He leaves for Tokyo after graduating but didn't see his old yankee friends wish him good luck holding a banner for him to see when his train pass by the bridge.

When he arrives at Seidou, he first meets Masuko and Katsuda who played a prank on him. At practice, Ryosuke tells him he sucks after failing to catch a ball. He then watches his senpai's practice in awe and is later annoyed by Miyuki Kazuya after he remarks that Kuramochi only has fast legs. Their second year peers try to stop them thinking they are having a fight.


Opening Theme[]

  • "Hashire! Mirai (疾走れ!ミライ)" by Glay

End Theme[]

  • "PROMISED FIELD" by Seidou High School Basebal Club