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Osaka Seiseisha High School

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Osaka Seiseisha High School (清星社高校 Seiseisha Kōkō) is a high school located in Osaka Prefecture. They are one of the most prominent teams in the series. They are known to have a powerful lineup and are led by Kawasaki Ikusaburo, their pitcher and best batter.

They qualified for the Spring Koshien and went all the way to the finals, defeating Yakushi High School along the way. They lost to Komadai Fujimaki, hence becoming runners-up of the tournament.

Baseball Team[]

First String
Kawasaki Ikusaburo
Kawasaki Ikusaburo


Spring: 84th National High School Baseball Invitational Tournament
Practice Matches Official Matches
  • Senbatsu 2nd Round: Osaka Seiseisha vs Jigen Wakayama
  • Senbatsu Quarter Final: Osaka Seiseisha vs Kamijo Academy
  • Senbatsu Semi Final: Osaka Seiseisha vs Yakushi High School
  • Senbatsu Final: Osaka Seiseisha vs Komadai Fujimaki