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One Pitch
Season 2, Episode 38
Air date December 21, 2015
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One Pitch is episode 38 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 359 to chapter 362 of the manga.


Amahisa strikes out Raichi but Sanada changes the flow of the game. Amahisa is switched out and despite Ichidaisan's efforts, they lose to Yakushi High for the second time.


Coach Tahara gives Amahisa the go signal to face-off Raichi. Amahisa's teammates encourage him and he grins, surprising Yakushi. The first pitch, a swing and miss followed by a pitch that's high-and-in, then low-and-away — another missed swing by Raichi. The fourth pitch, Raichi struck out swinging. Amahisa roars while Raichi feels frustrated.

Next at-bat is Sanada, who have a recollection of how both Raizou and Raichi influenced him to train harder. The first pitch is a slider — a swing and miss. The second pitch is another slider, and another missed swing by Sanada. The third pitch is a fastball that Sanada hits right into right-center field. Both Akiba and Mishima score, and with the two-RBI hit, Yakushi now leads by one. Sixth batter, Hirahata also got a hit off Amahisa. Coach Tahara calls for a pitcher switch. Amahisa walks off the mound going straight behind the dugout. Coach Tahara asks him where he's going then instructs him to return after washing his face.

Ichidai's pitcher Misaki, manages to prevent Yakushi from scoring but despite their efforts, they are once again defeated. Amahisa is stunned. After the match, Manaka decides to join practices as often as he could, wanting to guide Amahisa. From the bleachers, Kataoka and Ochiai reviews the game, sounding agreeable with each other, surprising Rei.