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On My Shoulders
Season 2, Episode 14
Air date July 6, 2015
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On My Shoulders is episode 14 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the story line from first half of Chapter 273 to first half of Chapter 277.


The third round of the fall tournament begin. There is an air of tension at Seidou's dugout following Miyuki and Maezono's falling out. Miyuki however, reminds the team to focus on beating the opponent. At game time, Furuya is reminded of Umemiya's challenge, and disobeys Miyuki's lead.


Kanemaru and Toujou notice the presence of a little bit of tension in the air after Miyuki and Maezono's fallout. Kanemaru however, believes that they'll be fine during the match for they all want to win. At game time, Furuya walks Ugumori's first and second batters but strikes the third one out. Umemiya bats next. Just before the game, Miyuki discusses a strategy with Furuya on how to deal with Umemiya, which Furuya isn't happy about but Miyuki explains further their plan. Umemiya taps the first fastball but Miyuki sticks to the plan and calls for a fastball to the outside. Furuya however, recalls what Umemiya had told him in the washroom early on of not running away. He disobeys Miyuki's lead and threw a high fastball. Umemiya hits and the ball goes past the fence, giving Ugumori 3 runs on top of the first.

Miyuki scolds Furuya for this, saying that he should get off the mound if he is unable to follow his lead and that the weight of the ace number on his back is heavier than he thinks. Maezono overhears this and is surprised with Miyuki's stern words, but notices after that Furuya has gained his composure back, finishing the first inning strong. Sawamura on the other hand, is glad Furuya didn't crumble down. Miyuki later on looks at Nabe and apologizes.

Bottom of the first, Kuramochi manage to get on base, then advances to second after a bunt from Shirasu. Haruichi hits a grounder but Umemiya manages to stop the ball with his foot and outs the freshman. Batting fourth is Miyuki who persistently fights Umemiya. At full count[1], Umemiya decides to out Miyuki with his power curve.


  1. A full count refer to a count where the batter has three balls and two strikes.