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My Role
Season 3, Episode 15
My Role
Air date July 9, 2019
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My Role (自分の役割, Jibun no Yakuwari) is the 15th episode of Diamond no Ace Act II anime series. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 41 to chapter 43 of the Act II manga.


Seidō is now just 1 run up against Ichidaisan. Only at one out yet and with runners on first and second, Amahisa takes the plate and hits to left field, bringing the two runners home. Ichidaisan takes the lead, 3-2. Ichidaisan further widens their lead by 3 runs. Furuya struggles with his pitching and loads all bases. Seidō decides to switch Furuya out and send Sawamura in. Despite only having one out and with bases loaded, Sawamura successfully ends the inning by striking out the next two batters.