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Money Tree
Season 1, Episode 33
Air date May 25, 2014
Written by Takeshi Konuta
Directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara
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Money Tree (Kane no Naru Ki; 金のなる木) is Episode 33 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The Episode follows the storyline from chapter 95 to 97 of the manga.


Seidou and Yakushi make their preparations for their upcoming match-up. Kataoka reveals the pitchers order for the game: First is Furuya, Sawamura then Kawakami. Tanba on the other hand, practice with his peers. At game time, Yakushi changes their batting order, putting Todoroki Raichi as the lead-off batter. Miyuki tells the freshmen pitchers not to get too fired up, reminding them to simply focus on their pitcher relay strategy.


Seidou study Yakushi's play style. At Yakushi, despite the team not bunting in games, they do bunting at practice. Despite their baseball seem to be unreasonable, Raizou has his own strong principles. Journalist Mine, interviews him for a little and it is revealed that he has been teaching kids baseball by the river after quitting as a player. He had also been teaching Raichi since he was little, giving him a wooden bat with the words "Money Tree" carved on it, to use for practice. Raichi eventually learns of image training, imagining hitting various pitches of various pitchers. Meanwhile, Yakushi's first-year 3-4-5 hitters watch a video of Seidou's pitchers just as they did with Ichidaisan. Sanada asks Raichi about Seidou's pitchers. Raichi laughs, finding Furuya and Sawamura's pitches interesting.

At Seidou, the pitchers practice throwing. Sawamura with Chris, Furuya with miyuki and Kawakami with Ono. Tanba works with Miyauchi. Later, Kataoka reveals the starting pitcher for their game against Yakushi will be Furuya, followed by Sawamura in the fourth and Kawakami in the seventh. As for Tanba, Kataoka says he can't put him on the mound in his current state. On the field, Seidou’s batters are practicing with Tanba to try and get him back to form. Yuki asks if he wants to wrap up but Tanba asks for one more round. Kataoka arrive with Rei and Miyuki, telling the boys to rest. Kataoka asks if Tanba is still not satisfied with how he is, but Tanba doesn't answer. Kataoka tells Tanba to start warming up by the fifth inning because he'll be needed on the mound should the game turn into a brawl. Kataoka offers to help Tanba stretch and his peers tease him.

It's the day of the quarter final and Yakushi change their batting line-up, putting Todoroki Raichi as their lead-off batter. Miyuki reminds the freshmen pitchers to just think about connecting to the next batter. At the line-up the Seidou players glare at Raichi making Mishima wonder if he'd done something wrong. Raichi laughs it off and the game begins.