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Miracle Akikawa
Season 1, Episode 26
Air date April 06, 2014
Written by Takeshi Konuta
Directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara
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Miracle Akikawa (Mirakuru Akikawa, ミラクル明川) is Episode 26 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The Episode follows the storyline from chapter 75 to 78 of the manga.


Furuya strike out Akikawa's fourth batter but Shunshin doesn't let the battery recover scoring two RBI's. At Seidou's offense, Kuramochi and Ryosuke try to execute Seidou's strategy of pressuring Shunshin but things aren't going the way they had hoped.


Furuya strikes out Akikawa's fourth batter getting strength from the team. Next to bat is the fifth batter which is Shunshin . Shunshin talks to Miyuki saying that Miyuki called for the splitter to loosen Furuya up, then adds that it might be hard catching for a pitcher that's stupid. Miyuki disagree, then say that he's not afraid of a team that won't swing. Shunshin turns to his coach wanting to go for the swing. The coach understands that Shunshin doesn't want Seidou's battery to recover.

Shunshin swings and miss at Furuya's high fastball. Shunshin however, is unfazed. Furuya throws a ball, and Miyuki reads that Furuya has tightened up again, due to the overwhelming pressure Shunshin is applying. Miyuki calls for another splitter to loosen him up. The team encourage Furuya, and he throws the pitch but the ball doesn't drop. Shunshin hits a high fly to left and Sakai doesn’t get the catch. Akikawa scores two runs, and Furuya is lost. Despite this, Furuya strikes out Akikawa's sixth batter. Furuya's pitch count for the first inning is twenty-four. Tanba offers him a drink saying that what's important is what he does after he gets hit.

Bottom of the first, Kuramochi think of their strategy to pressure Shunshin. He bunts but fails to get on base. Ryosuke is the second batter, commending Shunshin in his mind that he plays well. Ryosuke fights with fouls and Shunshin also commends him. Shunshin however, makes extremely slightly changes in the catcher’s position to strike out Ryosuke, who thought the last pitch was as ball, but is called a strike by the umpire.

Top of the third, Furuya strikes Akikawa's batters. At the bottom, he strikes out. Kuramochi is once again at-bat but again fails to get on base. Ryosuke hits Shunshin's breaking ball but it goes straight to Shunshin's mitt. Top of the fourth, Sawamura tells Furuya to switch but Furuya ignore him. Miyuki notice the temperature is getting hotter and the situation is not favorable.