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Meeting Expectations
Season 2, Episode 39
Air date January 4, 2016
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Meeting Expectations is episode 39 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 362 to chapter 365 of the manga.


The Seidou High players looks forward to the finals match against Yakushi High. While Furuya is determined to play, Kataoka leaves it to the doctors opinion. At Yakushi High, the players share their goals to the third years.


Arriving back at the school, Kawakami states that the more he stands on the mound, the more he wants to keep pitching. Everyone is in high spirits as they are looking forward for the finals against Yakushi. Sawamura bickers with Miyuki and Kuramochi when suddenly, Miyuki clutches his side gritting his teeth. He tries to cover it by telling Sawamura to stop making him laugh so much.

Kanemaru notices Furuya and Toujou asking how his ankle is doing. Furuya replies that it's fine and says he's definitely playing in the game the next day. Meanwhile, Oota says that the doctor said no as it's a fresh injury and could take a while to recover if it gets worse. Coach Ochiai give his input and thinks that if the ace steps down with nationals just around the corner, it could affect the team greatly. Talking to Kataoka, Furuya says while he won't say it doesn't hurt, it doesn't hurt as much while taped up. Determinedly, he follows it up saying that he will play. Kataoka tells him they'll go to the doctor again the next morning and whether or not he will play depends on the doctor's verdict. In his thoughts, Ochiai say that the decision would keep the morale of the team high.

Kataoka announces the starting pitcher and Nabe then gives a brief rundown of the Yakushi team. Following which Maezono, Kuramochi, and Miyuki give short pep talks as the Vice-Captains and Captain respectively. Standing outside and watching are the third-years who later tell the underclassmen about the winter camp. Isashiki tells all of them to win and then tell the coach to try and quit. The third-years talk with the underclassmen about how things are going and encourage the players.

Yakushi is shown practicing their batting and then the third-years arrive with snacks. The coach tells all the Yakushi players to say their goals to the third-years. Coach Todoroki then gives a few encouraging words of his own.