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Hey, as and avid baseball fan, I thought it would be cool to list my PERSONAL opinions on what characters resembles a specific ball player from around the league. I will name the main characters as recent as the current date of this post and might add more come future.

(BOTH MLB PLAYERS AND DIAMOND NO ACE CHARACTERS WILL HAVE THEIR RESPECTIVE COMPARISON AS THEIR POSITION PLAYER EX: Eijun Sawamura (Pitcher)- Walker Buehler (Pitcher). It will not be a comparison if they arent in the same position,)

(Due to the fact that this idea came up in the heat of the moment Im only doing popular characters, No first years unless they are Extremely Benneficial to their team, I apologize in advance if this is not what you had in mind lol. This will be updated in the future, so expect more from this, these are just to start off. More comparison will come in the future.)

and finally before i start, i want to point out again that these are My Friends and My PERSONAL OPINION on who resembles who.

Starting off:

Satoru Furuya - Shohei Ohtani (LAA)

Satoru Furuya is known for his dominate speed in his fastball, and not only that, the fact that he can both hit really well AND play an Outfield position,

I believe it was a no brainer to pick ohtani who hits extremely well to all sides of the field and pitches, not only that but is known for packing heat in his fastball and can play in the outfield.

Eijun Sawamura - Walker Buehler (LAD)

Miyuki Kazuya - Gary Sanchez (NYY)

Dominican Born Gary Sanchez Reminds me of Miyuki so well. A Catcher Known for clutch, and leadership, both Miyuki and Gary Show this.

Mei Narumiya - Max Scherzer (WSH)

Max Scherzer is arguably known as the greatest movement pitcher of the recent decade (2010-Recent)

His changeup, Sliders, Curveball, Fool Hitters, as does Mei's Slider and Curveball.

Kuramochi Yōichi - Trea Turner (WSH)

Kuramochi is known for his speed the "Cheetah" reminds me so well of trea turner, Both dominate the left side of the infield making unseeable plays that wow the crowd.

Norufumi Kawakami - Kirby Yates (TOR)

Kenta Maezono - Josh Bell (WSH)

You Shunshin - Hyun Jin Ryu (TOR)