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Lonely Sun
Season 1, Episode 60
Air date December 14, 2014
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Lonely Sun (Kodokuna Taiyō, 孤独な太陽) is Episode 60 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 180 to near end of chapter 182 of the manga.


Narumiya can only think of his struggles after Inashiro's defeat at last year's Koshien, and is determined not to allow Seidou additional runs.


Top of the ninth, Seidou's got a runner on second and Furuya is at-bat. He doesn't get on base but advances Miyuki to third base. Sawamura is next to bat and Kataoka calls him to the dug-out before stepping up the plate. Inashiro calls for a time-out and sends a messenger to the mound. Narumiya's teammates encourages him and Narumiya responds, confessing that he's always thought about taking his revenge at Koshien then says that he can't imagine them (Inashiro) losing the game; surprising and delighting his teammates.

Narumiya have a recollection of his past. After Inashiro's defeat at last year's Summer Koshien, Narumiya locked himself in his room for days leaving his teammates wondering if he'll quit the club. Yoshizawa turns to the other second years and tells them to help Narumiya get back on his feet. Ten days after, Narumiya get's out of his room and starts running on the ground. He remembers the words of his senpais on how they didn't put the blame on him for their loss. Narumiya is pissed thinking that his senpais probably said that because he's only a first year and so, they didn't believe in him. Watching him from afar are his fellow second years who are glad that he's done hiding in his room.

Back in the game, Kataoka instructs Sawamura to relax and pretend to hit but miss. Sawamura does this but taps Narumiya's fastball. Luckily, it's a foul. Narumiya throws again, recalling how hard he trained and practiced for this summer  that was put to a standstill after last year. Sawamura successfully bunts, but Narumiya races against Miyuki who is running to home. Narumiya picks up the ball, quickly tossing it to Harada and outs Miyuki. Seidou's offense ends failing to score. The crowd cheers for Narumiya while Furuya and Sawamura looks on at him.

Kataoka instructs his players and the episode ends with Seidou's turn to defend.