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Lingering Feelings
Season 1, Episode 63
Air date December 28, 2014
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Lingering Feelings (Zankyō, 残響) is Episode 63 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The episode follows the storyline from near end of chapter 191 through chapter 193 and the last pages of chapter 194 of the manga.


The long 2 hours and 53 minutes of desperate struggles ends. Inashiro celebrates whilst Seidou laments.


The West Tokyo Tournament ends with Inashiro's win at 5:4. Narumiya falls down to his knees shedding tears of joy as he is helped up by Harada and another teammate. Chris tells Sawamura to line up. At the line up, while his teammates cry, Sawamura looks at Inashiro's players tease a crying Narumiya who is annoyed. Narumiya is later on shown to be entertaining the media together with his coach while the rest of the team leave the stadium. Seidou's female managers hand over to Harada the thousand paper cranes and wished Inashiro good luck at Nationals. Harada accepts, recalling Yuki congratulating him at the line-up. He wonders if he could've done the same if Inashiro lost.

On the other end, Kataoka is being interviwed by journalists and expressed his regret of not being able to take the team to Nationals. Outside of the stadium, Yuki apologizes to the Seidou audience for not meeting their expectations but thanks them for their support and cheers. Mine Fujio later on comments to his fellow journalist that while Seidou continued to win their previous games with their pitcher relay, it was probably the lack of an absolute ace that cost Seidou the win.

In the bus Sawamura wonders why they lost when they were the one's winning. His hat slips through his fingers and as he picks it up, sees Yuki crying. Finally realizing that they were one out away from Koshien, Sawamura cries while remembering his words to his childhood friends of wanting to play in the team forever..., but was soon followed by the reality that they lost. Seidou team lost.

Back in the Seidou dorms, Masuko prepares to leave their room and wishes Kuramochi good luck before leaving. Kuramochi decides to go check the other rooms while Sawamura opts to stay. Furuya on the other hand is shown to be running around the field. Kuramochi later on sees Miyuki watching the video of the Finals match and tells Kuramochi that with the current team without the third years, Nationals will just be another dream. Sawamura decides to go out and meets Furuya on the field, to which he tells Sawamura that he'll be the "Ace" of the team.