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Last Inning
Season 2, Episode 50
Air date March 21, 2016
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Last Inning is episode 50 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 406 to chapter 408 of the manga.


Seidou turns the game around and takes the lead at 4-5. At the bottom of the ninth, Sawamura asks Kataoka to pitch, but Kataoka decides to send Furuya to close out the game.


At the top of the ninth, after two outs, Seidou managed to put Miyuki and Haruichi on base. Maezono however, is cornered at 0-2[1] and a single strike can end the game. Sanada throws to the outside and Maezono fights with fouls. Maezono eventually hits with the ball going over the second baseman. Haruichi scores from third base tying the game at 4-4. Mimura notices the fielder didn't catch well, and signals Miyuki to run all the way through. He gets to the plate and scores giving Seidou the lead. Following the 2-RBI from Maezono, Sanada retires Shirasu for the third out then he apologize to his team.

Furuya didn't expect to get to play.

Bottom of the ninth, Sawamura asks Kataoka to let him pitch but Kataoka decides to send Furuya instead. The crowd cheers and so does Sawamura who impress both Miyuki and Furuya with his attitude. On the mound, Furuya asks Miyuki if he's alright, and Miyuki replies that the pitcher doesn't have to worry. Furuya is relieved remarking that he can go all out, surprising Miyuki and he leaves the mound giggling to the surprise of many. As he returns to his position, he thinks to himself that he can't be a good captain, not willing to give up his position to anyone.

At game time, Akiba's at bat, Miyuki calls the first pitch, a fastball to the inside.


  1. Ball count: 2 strikes