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Kunitomo Hiroshige
Inashiro High School
Baseball Coach
Bats: - Throws: -
Kanji 国友 広重
Gender Male
Age unknown
First Appearance
Manga Act I - Chapter 54
Anime S1 - Episode 19
Voice Actor Yutaka Nakano
There is always a reason for each and every loss...
Kunitomo in The Place They are Aiming For[1]

Kunitomo Hiroshige is the highly successful Baseball coach of Inashiro Industrial. He previously coached Mahara High School of Tochigi Prefecture.


With fourteen National qualifications including both Summer and Spring seasons on his belt, Kunitomo puts much importance on the experience his players gain for them to grow and improve. During games, he often maintains his calm demeanor even at crucial moments. It was also shown a number of times, that he has a unique way of communicating with his players on the field. Instead of hand signals, Kunitomo twitches his neck and his players seem to understand the message. He gives his players advice only when most needed, hence, showing how much faith he gives them. However, he is strict with Mei Narumiya because of Narumiya's disobedience.

Relationship with other Characters[]

Narumiya Mei[]

Kunitomo acknowledges Narumiya's pitching prowess and believes Narumiya to be the better Ace. After Harada had retired, Kunitomo had been concerned about the absence of a leader to lead a team having strong individuals.[2] Kunitomo however, believes Narumiya  to be the one who fills that void. After Inashiro's loss at the Fall tournament, he provides Narumiya guidance, telling the pitcher of his flaws. Realizing his attitude contributed greatly to the loss of his team, Narumiya breaks down in tears. Despite this, Kunitomo continue to have faith in Narumiya saying that he can surely overcome any obstacle in front of him.[3]

Harada Masatoshi[]

Harada respects his coach and listens to his commands. Kunitomo think highly of Harada as Inashiro's captain and player providing guidance only when necessary.

Tadano Itsuki[]

As Inashiro's (current) primary catcher, Kunitomo knows that Tadano does his best efforts to lead Narumiya during games but is also aware that he is lacking when compared to Harada. After their loss in the Fall, he instructs Fukui to watch Seido's match against Ugumori High together with Tadano, so Tadano can observe Miyuki Kazuya's flair as a catcher.


  • He was asked to be the coach of a team representing Tokyo in a match against an American high school team.[4]
  • He is an Inashiro Alumni, as similar to Seidou's coach Kataoka Tesshin. (Both of them are coaching at themselves alma mater respectively.)


  • "For today’s defeat, the responsibility lies on the coach, on me who sent you to the mound" - to Narumiya[3]
  • "Not trusting your teammate is not the same as having a strong sense of responsibility and confidence." - to Narumiya[3]


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