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Kuki Yōhei
Seidou High School
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Kanji 九鬼 洋平
Gender Male
Age 15 (debut)
Date of birth 13 May
Education 1st Year High School
Skills Slider
First Appearance
Manga Act II - Chapter 25
Anime Season 3 - Episode 9
Voice Actor Torashima Takaaki

Kuki Youhei is a first year student at Seidou High.


Kuki has powerful eyebrows and spiky medium-long hair pointing upwards with long sideburns.


Kuki showed great psychological strength during the practice match against the second string, as he kept rallying the first years despite being 8 runs behind. Kariba Wataru also notices a resemblance between Kuki and Sawamura as he is not one to show on his face how tough of a situation he is in.


After the first year students have introduced themselves, Takashima Rei mentions that there is still a student whom, due to a leg fracture, has yet to introduce himself and move into the dorm. Kuki joins the team late because he broke his leg while playing soccer during the summer break.

Kuki arrives at Seidou High after the other first year students has begun to settle in and thinks it is difficult to make up the ground he has lost, because of him coming later than everyone else, he also mentions that the amount of food they have to eat is no joke either. Seeing as though the two open spots on the roster for the spring tournament had already been chosen on his arrival to the team, we have yet to see what he can do on the field and which position he plays. Kuki also seem very impressed by his fellow first years Yui Kaoru and Yuuki Masashi making the Seidou regulars and mentions that it has become quite a motivator for the rest of the first years.

Kuki plays as a pitcher for the first years, doing their practice match against the second string. After the match, Kuki was one of the four First year members chosen by coach Kataoka to participate in the second string practice and accumulate experience in practice matches playing as a second string member.


In junior high, Kuki played on Matsutaka Junior High baseball team, the same team that Kanemaru and Toujou also played on, and have had a good friendship with the two ever since.



Kuki first demonstrated his Slider in the intrasquad game. Ochiai and Koushuu note that Kuki possesses a decent Slider. However, the catcher couldn't fully utilize his pitch to their advantage.


  • "We gotta eat ALL of this? For real?"[1]



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