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Kamiya Carlos Toshiki
Inashiro High School - No. 8
Center Fielder
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Kanji 神谷 カルロス 俊樹
Gender Male
Age 17 (debut)
Date of birth 1 May
Place of birth Tokyo
Bloodtype O
Height 185 cm (6' 1")
Weight 75 kg (165 lbs)
Education 2nd Year High School (debut)

3rd Year High School ([2]

First Appearance
Anime S1 - Episode 45
Voice Actor Kenichirō Ōhashi

Carlos is a student of Inashiro Industrial and the lead-off man for Inashiro's batting lineup.


A kind young man who can take care of others, but due to him immediately getting nude in the dorms, it's those around who end up having to take care of him. Usually seen laidback and composed.

Act I[]

West Tokyo Tournament[]


After Inashiro win their semifinals match, Carlos is with Narumiya and their second year peers when they see Miyuki Kazuya standing near the toilet entrance in the stadium. The group talks to the catcher briefly, before taking their leave.[3]


Carlos' reaction after getting struck out.

At Inashiro's first batting cycle, he swings at Furuya's high ball claiming it to be accidental due to the pressure brought by the pitch. He fights with fouls but gets struck out with Furuya's splitter. He shares to Shirakawa his observations, advising the latter to not bunt at the first pitch. He is later speechless when Narumiya scolds him, Harada and Shirakawa for striking out.[4]

On top of the fourth, Furuya walks Carlos. Shirakawa bunts next and Carlos advances to second base. He makes it back home with Harada's at-bat, tying the score to 1-1. On top of the fifth, he commends Miyuki for a quick play, saying no wonder Narumiya wanted Miyuki on their team. He faces Tanba at-bat and goes for a safety bunt but the ball rolls over the line. He is soon struck out with a pop fly straight to third base. Top of the seventh, he sprints to catch a hit from Yuuki to the center field shocking Yuuki and the journalists.

Carlos celebrate with teammates Shirakawa and Yamaoka.

After Yuuki hits Narumiya's change-up on top of the eighth, and Narumiya having let his frustration out behind the dugout, Carlos in his mind commends Narumiya for staying calm on the mound. At the bottom of the ninth and Seidou two outs away from winning the game, Carlos hunches the plate in an effort to pressure Sawamura.[5] He hits Sawamura's breaking ball but Sakai manages to catch the ball. With only one more out to Seidou's victory, Sawamura hits Shirakawa on the helmet, and Carlos is sent to first base in Shirakawa's place while the latter receives treatment. Carlos steals second during Yoshizawa's at-bat and sprints back to home with Harada's grounder, tying the score to 4-4. After Inashiro scores their fifth run of the game with Narumiya's bat, Carlos jubilate with his teammates.[6]

Summer Koshien[]

Carlos and Shirakawa talks about Narumiya.

The evening before the Final round of Koshien, Narumiya waves to Inashiro's fan-girls from the hostel window. Shirakawa comments that Narumiya enjoys the fuss and Carlos agrees saying that it's because Narumiya is a little boy.

In the final match against Komadai Fujimaki Inashiro lost in fourteen innings, finishing second place at Koshien Tournament.

Fall Tournament[]

After Nationals, Carlos is seen to take off his shirt while walking on Inashiro's grounds due to the heat and gets scolded by a teammate.

Following their second round loss to Ugumori High, he participates in Inashiro's scrimmage against Koukaidai Sagara during their off season.[7]


He is seen with the rest of Inashiro's main roster to be watching Seidou's finals match against Yakushi High.

Act II[]

Spring Tournament[]

In the third round of the tournament is the Inashiro Industrial versus Yakushi High. At the top of the first, Sanada jams Carlos with his shootball.[8] With both Sanada and Narumiya pitching well, the game is at a stalemate until the sixth inning when Carlos hits a homerun off Sanada.[9] His teammates follows suit with RBI's and combined with Narumiya's pitching, Inashiro wins the match.

. [10][11][12][13]


Even with a pitiful grounder, he has the speed to get on base.
Miyuki Kazuya on Carlos

Defense: He has a peculiar posture when at-bat and treasures going in his own rhythm. Players with his level of skills in defense, that make the best use of his fast legs, are said to be counted on the fingers of one hand even in the Kanto region.

Batting: Carlos is good at hitting fastballs and can hit RBI's. Recently, in the ongoing Spring Tournament, he is very capable of hitting home-runs.

Player Statistics[]

Physical Strength
Mental Strength


  • His father is Brazilian and runs a Brazilian cuisine restaurant in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
  • He has respect for: Miura Kazu, Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Rankings from the guidebook:[14]
    • He has the best speed in the series (Kuramochi’s time is better at short distance, but Carlos leads a little at power and acceleration between bases)
    • First in outfield defense.
    • Third in shoulder strength.
  • He was born and raised in Japan. [14]
  • Hobby / special skill: basketball, soccer, hip-hop[14]
  • He has a habit of jumping after he scores a run.

Name Etymology[]

  • Kamiya (神谷) - Divine Valley
  • Carlos (カルロス) - Warrior
  • Toshiki (俊樹) - Distinguished Tree


  • "There's no point being serious against a ridiculous pitch like this." - about Akira Nagao[11]

Gallery of Kamiya Carlos[]


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