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Kagami Kouta
Kagami Kouta
Seidou High School
Right Fielder
Bats: Left Throws: Left
Kanji 加賀美 貢太
Gender Male
Age 15-16
Education 1st Year High School
First Appearance
Manga Act II - Chapter 59
Voice Actor Takanori Hoshino

Kagami Kouta is a first year student at Seidou High.


Kagami is a tall and bulky player that always has a neutral expression on his face.


Kagami is described as a player who is not flashy, but capable, in assistant coach Ochiai Hiromitsu's notes. He is also very quiet and has not shown speaking at all since he joined the team.

Act II[]

In assistant coach Ochiai Hiromitsu's notes of new first years, who he would consider adding to the first string roster, for the spring tournament, Kagami is included. Kagami Kouta is one of the five new first years considered. Only two spots were open in the roster for the first years before the Spring Tournament so only two from the list would be selected. The other four new first year freshmen considered were Okumura Koushuu and Seto Takuma, as well as the two who would eventually end up claiming the two open spots Yuuki Masashi and Yui Kaoru.

As a freshmen, Kagami plays in the practice match against the second string. After the match, Kagami is one of the chosen four freshmen who coach Kataoka Tesshin deem ready, based on their performance so far, to participate in the second string practice and accumulate experience in practice matches playing as a second string member.

Relationships with other characters[]



He is capable of hitting Kawashima's pitch far to the outfield. It's still unknown how consistent he is at this point.

Player Statistics[]


  • Asou thinks Kagami resembles Shirasu