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Just You Wait!
Season 2, Episode 49
Air date March 14, 2016
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Just You Wait! is episode 49 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 402 to chapter 405 of the manga.


Sanada wins the duel against Toujou, putting Yakushi only an out away from winning. Haruichi and Miyuki however, both make contact and gets on base. In a mend or break situation, Maezono bats but is quickly cornered. With their backs to the wall, will Maezono hit?


Continuing at the top of the ninth, Kuramochi feels down that he wasn't able to get on base. Sawamura approaches him asking to play catch ball and they join Furuya and Ono at the bullpen. Back to the game with no runners on base and one out, it's Tojou's turn at-bat. The first pitch is a ball. The second pitch, Tojou hits a grounder to the shortstop but is out on first. Yakushi is now one out away from winning the game, and both Furuya and Sawamura cheer the batters.

Following Tojou is Haruichi. He hits the shootball, and the ball goes into centerfield. He makes it to first base and looks to steal second. Batting next is Miyuki who hasn't had a hit yet. The first pitch is a strike but Haruichi manages to steal second. The second pitch is a ball to the outside followed by another wide pitch. Raizou is feeling more tense and calls for the time-out. A messenger is sent to the mound telling the team that they may concede a run for they still have the bottom of the inning.

The game resumes, Miyuki fights with fouls and eventually an infield hit between short and second. He gets to first while Haruichi advances to third. Batting fifth is Maezono and the outfielders have moved out expecting a big hit. The first pitch is a swing and miss on Maezono but Miyuki steals second. The second pitch however, is another strike, this time on the outside. With their backs to the wall, will Maezono land a hit?