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It's the Semifinal
Season 1, Episode 41
Air date July 27, 2014
Written by Takeshi Konuta
Directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara
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It's the Semifinal (Iza, Junkesshou; いざ、準決勝) is Episode 41 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The Episode follows the storyline from chapter 121 to 123 of the manga.


Seidou prepares for their upcoming semi-final match-up against the veteran quarter finalist of the west, Sensen Academy. At Sensen, Maki Yousuke, ace of the baseball team, throws heavily in the bullpen, admitting that he had in fact wanted to go to Seidou but wasn't invited in the end.


Seidou studies their semifinal opponents : Sensen Academy. The Sensen pitcher, Maki Yousuke is a tall guy who throws a curveball that is said to have the highest release point in Japanese baseball. Kataoka names Tanba as the starting pitcher for the upcoming match. He also tells Sawamura to be prepared to play anytime to Sawamura's surprise for he expects not to play after giving up a run to Raichi. Kataoka adds that he wants Furuya to rest being fatigued from continues pitching.

After the meeting, Miyuki, Chris, Miyauchi have a game review with pitchers Sawamura, a sulking Furuya and Kawakami, who volunteered to join. Sawamura asks why he was given another chance and Miyuki answers that the coach like his unwavering spirit. Chris then also explains to Furuya that a part of a pitcher's job is to rest. Sawamura, Furuya, Tanba and Kawakami, the coach intends to have them play 'til the end of the Summer Tournament.

At Sensen, journalists Mine and Owada goes to interview Coach Ugai who mumbles most of his answers. The veteran coach says Kataoka trusts his players too much and thinks that the younger coach made a lot of questionable choices in the quarter finals vs. Yakushi. At the bullpen, Maki practice his pitching then asks a teammate why he enrolled at Sensen and not the likes of Ichidai or Seidou. The teammate answers that he didn't get an invitation from those schools. Maki confess that he also wanted to go to Seidou, but is frustrated that he didn't get invited.

At Seidou, the players have a special practice with Kataoka pitching on the mound prepared by the other third-years. The following morning, Haruichi and Ryosuke are having a conversation. Haruichi wants to go to Koshien with Ryosuke and Ryosuke says he's concerned for Haruichi as he may not be able to join the Koshien roster as only 18 players will be selected. After breakfast, the players head to the stadium.