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Season 2, Episode 34
Air date November 23, 2015
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Innocent is episode 34 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 343 to chapter 347 of the manga.


Sawamura manages to prevent Seiko from scoring additional runs. And at the bottom of the eighth, Seidou fails to score. The next inning, Tsune runs straight to the plate and tackles Miyuki, shocking everyone.


Top of the eighth and runner on first, Sawamura stays focused in facing off the batter. Thinking that Sawamura isn't paying attention to him, the runner on base's lead got bigger, but Sawamura unexpectedly made a pickoff throw to first, outing the runner. Now two outs with open bases, Sawamura also strikes out the batter. Miyuki on the other hand, feels blessed that he gets to catch for both Sawamura and Furuya who continue to improve with each game.

Batting for Seidou in the bottom of the eighth is Sawamura. Sawamura bunts off the first pitch. He almost makes it to base but is prevented by a quick toss from Tsune to first. Tojou is up to bat next. He hits right between first and second, but the second baseman, Tamaki, caught the ball and is quick to throw to first for the second out. Batting next is Seidou's pinch hitter, Higasa who got out on first.

Top of the ninth, Tsune is up at bat first. He hit to left field and makes it to base. Batting next is Ikuta. He bunts the first pitch, Sawamura dives for the ball, successfully catching it in the air for the out. Next batter is Shirota who hits while Tsune steals base. Now with two outs, runner in scoring position, its Masu's turn at-bat. The outfielders move in a little and prepare to throw home. The first pitch is a foul followed by a ball. More fouls follow and the count reaches 2-2. The eighth pitch is low and away which Masu hits between third and shortstop through center. Tsune kicks third while Asou throws strongly to home.

Miyuki receives the ball but to everyone's shock, Tsune tackles Miyuki. Miyuki pulls himself up, raising his glove with the ball. Tsune is out and the score remains tied at 5-5. The umpire speaks with Tsune and Masu tells him after that baseball isn't a combat sport. At the bottom of the ninth, Seidou goes down three for three. The game go to extra innings.