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Individual Minds
Season 2, Episode 24
Air date September 14, 2015
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Individual Minds is episode 24 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The Episode follows the manga story line from Chapter 306 to first few pages of Chapter 309.


Aided by Nabe's keen observation on Ouya's plays, Seidou scores two runs on top of the sixth. Coach Araki is quick to notice Seidou's strategy and comes up with a counter.


On top of the sixth, Kuramochi smacks away the first pitch, making it to first. Batting next is Shirasu. Wakabayashi throws a forkball for the first strike. The second pitch is a fastball to the outside which Shirasu hit straight on. He too, gets on base while Kuramochi advances to second. Seidou's clean-ups are next, starting with Haruichi. The first strike is a forkball, followed by a shootball. It is revealed that after watching Ouya's games several times, Nabe notices that Ouya switches the fielding position based on the batter and this observation makes it easier for Seidou's batters to determine if the next pitch is a fastball. Haruichi also hits, right over the second baseman and Kuramochi makes it back home, tying the game. Wakabayashi is frustrated.

Ouya's battery walks Miyuki, but face Maezono. Coach Araki realizes that Seidou might've noticed the fielding change and lets his players know. Wakabashi throws to the inside and Maezono swings his bat. Wakabayashi thinks its a foul but the ball lands into left field resulting to one more run for Seidou. Batting sixth is Tojou who quickly notices the change in fielding position. He aims for a fastball to the outside but to his surprise, the course is to the inside. The batted ball bounce to Wakabayashi, who throws to home, then from home to first, pulling off the double play. Batting next is Kanemaru who gets out on first.

Wakabayashi thanks his coach, admitting that he would've panicked had Araki not noticed Seidou's strategy. Araki gives his props on Seidou and tells his players that they should return to their basics.

Seidou's defense, the lead-off batter fouls the first pitch but then is out on a liner to third. The second batter pulled an infield hit, making it on base. The third hole is up and Miyuki notices the batters standing far forward. He considers using the changeup but decides to get the strikes on the inside instead. The batter fouls the first pitch. A flashback of Ouya's players practicing long hits is shown, to which Araki advices his players to hit all the way for it suits the team best. The batter then hit the ball straight to center field. Miyuki calls for a time out. Sawamura's teammates try to loosen him up by telling the pitcher that they are starting to acknowledge his abilities— Sawamura is very flattered. Miyuki tells Sawamura of their strategy and the use of the changeup.