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Inashiro Industrial vs. Yakushi High
Inashirovsyakushi spring.png
Score 4-0
Winner Inashiro Industrial
Manga Act II, Chapter 15-20
Anime Season 3, Episode 7
Tournament Spring Tokyo Metropolitan Tournament

The Inashiro Industrial vs. Yakushi High match is the highly anticipated third round match of the Spring Tokyo Metropolitan Tournament.

Starting Members[]

  • 1st - Kamiya Carlos Toshiki
  • 2nd - Shirakawa Katsuyuki
  • 3rd - Yabe Kouji
  • 4th - Yamaoka Riku
  • 5th - Narumiya Mei
  • 6th - Tadano Itsuki
  • 7th -
  • 8th -
  • 9th -

  • 1st - Akiba Kazuma
  • 2nd - Masuda
  • 3rd - Mishima Yuuta
  • 4th - Todoroki Raichi
  • 5th - Sanada Shunpei
  • 6th -
  • 7th -
  • 8th -
  • 9th -


Inning 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Total
Inashiro Industrial 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 2 0 4
Yakushi High 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Summary of the Game[]

First Inning: Sanada jams Carlos with his Shuuto. Shirakawa hits a weak grounder to third and is out at first. Yabe, similarly to Shirakawa hits a weak grounder and is out at first. At the bottom, Narumiya strikes out Yakushi's first and second batters. Batting third is Mishima who forces a hit to get on base. With 2 outs, runner on first, batting fourth is Todoroki Raichi. Narumiya corners him and struck him out with a powerful fastball.

Second Inning - Fifth: Sanada continues to hold Inashiro's batters down, while Narumiya struck Raichi out on just three pitches.

Sixth Inning - Ninth: Carlos hits a solo homerun off Sanada, and Yamaoka follows up with an RBI. At the bottom of the seventh, Raichi was struck out yet again on three pitches. Inashiro scored again on top of the eighth when Yamaoka hit a double. Narumiya is walked on balls after, followed by an RBI from Itsuki. In the ninth inning, Akiba manages to get on base but Narumiya finishes off the game before the clean-ups by striking out Masuda.



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