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In The Sun
Season 1, Episode 65
Air date January 18, 2015
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In The Sun (Hi no Ataru Basho, 日の当たる場所) is episode 65 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The episode follows the storyline from chapters 197 to 201 of the manga.


Seidou starts the pre-season with a win, as Inashiro reaches the Koshien finals.


On the field, the Seidou players practice with Kataoka. Miyuki remembers Miyauchi's words of helping Nori get back to his feet, but wonders how he'll do it, resulting to a misthrow to third, surprising everyone. Yuuki, Isashiki and Ryosuke watches and talks about Miyuki being the new captain. Meanwhile, at the Hashin Koshien Stadium, the Summer Championship begins and Inashiro successfully defeats their first opponent.

Seidou plays a scrimmage with Saitama Sakai. Furuya pitches at full power and explains to Miyuki that he does it on purpose to improve his stamina. After 7 innings however, Furuya tires and Sawamura takes on the mound, striking the batters out. Miyuki comments on his pitching irritating Sawamura. At game 2, Nori  walks batters, surprising his teammates.

At the dorms, Sawamura irately sees the news article featuring Inashiro. The other players discuss about Inashiro's next opponent at Nationals which is Seihou High who features the monster batter, Shuzo Sano. At Nationals, Narumiya is so far successful striking out Sano. Seiho's coach tells Sano at the dug-out that though they're having a good game, they came to win and not to make memories. Bottom of the eighth, Inashiro finally score. Top of the ninth, Sano waits for the change-up, but Narumiya strikes him out with a fastball. Inashiro advances to the quarter finals.

Back to the Seidou dorm, the players watch Inashiro's interview, and Miyuki comments about Narumiya's character. Sawamura thinks that their third year senpais were as good as Inashiro's players, but still they lost. Another scrimmage is played, this time its Seidou against Kaiyo. Seidou wins. At Nationals, Inashiro advances to the finals. Miyuki tells Nori that they'll watch to the end. Isashiki enters the room and Sawamura asks what is there to see at Koshien but Isashiki answers for Sawamura to go see for himself. He later scolds the team for their poor batting performance and Nori for looking gloomy.