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In Pursuit
Season 1, Episode 75
Air date March 29, 2015
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In Pursuit (Sono Basho o Mezashite, その場所を目指して) is episode 75 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series and the finale episode of the first season. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 234 to chapter 237 of the manga.


The practice match closes and the third years take the victory. At the Fall Tournament Group selection draw, Miyuki thinks it doesn't matter who they face against for the team only aims for one thing: Nationals.


Sawamura remembers all that he's learned from Chris. Chris battles Sawamura with fouls but Sawamura finally manage to throw low and away like Chris wanted and outs him. The rest of the third years struggle to perfectly hit Sawamura's outside pitch and the game ends in a tie. As they go line-up, Kataoka says the game isn't over as some of the third years hadn't played yet.

For the extra innings, Chris is the catcher and Isashiki gets to pitch. Ryosuke makes fun of Isashiki saying that everyone should warm their shoulders for Isashiki won't get any strikes. As Oota and Rei watch they think of Kataoka who had developed the players bond into a 'team' and not just centering on an individual or the first string members alone. The game ends in a victory for the third years.

Miyuki goes to the Group selection draw. He thinks that it doesn't matter who they face against for the team only aims one thing: Nationals. He remembers Yuki's words to the team at the end of their scrimmage about practice. As they leave, Yuki tells the team not to lose, like they did.