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I don't want to Lose
Season 1, Episode 52
Air date October 11, 2014
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I don't want to Lose (Maketakunai 負けたくない) is Episode 52 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The episode follows the storyline from chapters 152 to 154 of the manga.


Narumiya goes head-to-head against Yuuki and strikes him out. Furuya pitches and takes Inashiro by surprise, striking out the batters with his powerful fastball.


Top of the first, Seidou's got a runner on base and Yuuki's at bat. Harada calls for a change-up to stop Seidou's momentum. Narumiya pitches, Yuuki swings but misses. Masuko hits a fastball but doesn't get on base. At Inashiro's dugout, Harada tells Narumiya to calm down. Narumiya denies that he's angry but Harada knows better.

Bottom of the first. The starting pitcher is Furuya. On the mound, Ryosuke asks him if he's nervous and to ask like he always do. Isashiki agrees. Furuya studies them for a moment, then thanks them in advance should his pitches get hit while he bows his head;to the surprise of everyone. Furuya explains that it because they (the 3rd years) have been through a lot. He knows they're behind him so he can pitch with ease.

Leading Inashiro's batting line-up is Carlos. Furuya pitches, Carlos fouls then says that he accidentally swung. Miyuki doesn't think so. Furuya battles it with Carlos and outs him with the splitter. Shirakawa is next, and also strikes out. Carlos thinks of Furuya's fastballs as if 'roaring and alive'. Furuya strikes out Inashiro's third batter. Top of the second. Narumiya strikes out Miyuki. Furuya is next at-bat. Narumiya tries to scare him with a crossfire pitch but Furuya fouls, to the displease of Narumiya. He pitches again and outs Furuya. Bottom of the second. Harada finds it difficult to time Furuya's fastballs. Furuya pitches a splitter but is a ball. He strikes Harada out with a fastball to the inside. Narumiya is next at-bat. At the bullpen Tanba warms up and wants to pitch more. Miyauchi however, tells him that they'll need his strength later plus, Furuya is looking reliable. Furuya battles it out with Narumiya while thinking that he doesn't want to lose to him. Narumiya pops a flier to third. Furuya also strikes out Yamaoka.


Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.