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I'm Not Stopping
Season 3, Episode 28
I'm Not Stopping
Air date October 8, 2019
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I'm Not Stopping (止まんねぇからな, Tomannē kara na) is the 28th episode of Diamond no Ace Act II anime series. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 80 to chapter 82 of the Act II manga.


After receiving the message from Coach Kataoka and being told he is selfish, Furuya loses sight of himself. While practicing his pitching, Furuya gets injured. Although he is told the injury is not serious, the doctor explains it's a response from bad pitching form and warns Furuya to be careful. After coming back to the dorms, the team makes sure Furuya is okay. After finding out Furuya is fine, Sawamura tells him to get back better because he's not stopping.