Fukui Kento
Inashiro High School - No. 15
Bats: Throws:
Kanji 福井 健斗
Nickname Fuku-chan
Gender Male
Age 17 (debut)
Place of birth Tokyo
Education 2nd Year High School (debut)

3rd Year High School (current)[1]

First Appearance
Manga Act I - Chapter 219
Anime S1 - Episode 70
Voice Actor Abe Atsushi
Good defense connects to good offense.
Fukui in Starting Line[2]

Fukui Kento is a student of Inashiro Industrial and the captain of the baseball team succeeding Harada Masatoshi. Despite not being in the starting line-up, Kunitomo and the team unanimously agreed on him for the position.


He is recognized to be the most responsible person on the team. Harada mentions that Fukui is the kind to always take field preparations to the end and that even Narumiya listens to him.

Act IEdit

Fall TournamentEdit

He cheers for his teammates from the dugout during Inashiro's match against Ugumori High. Following their loss, Kunitomo had told him to take Tadano and watch Seidou's match against Ugumori High.

Third RoundEdit

Fukui watches Seidou's match against Ugumori with Tadano. After the match, he notices Tadano to be looking at Miyuki Kazuya. Understanding what his kouhai thinks about, he tells Tadano that they've got lots to work on so they don't have to put all the burden on Narumiya.[3]


He watches Seidou and Yakushi High's final match-up with his teammates.

Act IIEdit



  • He is the only known Captain in the series that isn't in the starting lineup.

Name EtymologyEdit

  • Fukui (福井) - Well of Good Fortune
  • Kento (健斗) - Healthy Dipper [4]



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  4. "To" is the reading of the Chinese character "斗" which refers to the Chinese name for the Big Dipper and Little Dipper