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Season 1, Episode 59
Air date December 14, 2014
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Fearless (Kowai Mono Shirazu, 怖いもの知らず) is Episode 59 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The episode follows the storyline from chapters 176 to 179 of the manga.


Yuuki manages to get a hit off Narumiya, shifting the game's momentum to Seidou.


The audience cheer for both Yuuki and Narumiya. Narumiya throws a change-up shocking Seidou. Yuuki however, hits the pitch and both Shirasu and Haruicchi make it back home (4-3), shifting the momentum to Seidou. Tanba sheds tears of joy recalling Yuuki's words of sending him back to mound one more time. Narumiya give his props to Yuuki for hitting the pitch but Harada knows he hides his frustration. Masuko hits Narumiya's fastball to the outfield but Carlos catches the ball. Inashiro's defense end and Yuuki's teammates compliments him for hitting the change-up.Yuuki however, confess that he didn't knew what he hit only realizing that he's already on second base surprising the team. Meanwhile, Narumiya lets out his frustration behind the dugout.

Seidou's turn to defend. Yamaoka hits Sawamura's pitch and gets on base. Inashiro's 7th-hole, Hirai, bunts and also get's on base. On the first pitch to Inashiro's 8th hole, Miyuki quickly throws to first to get the pick off, but fails. And Inashiro is not ready to back down. Sawamura throws a cutter on his second pitch and Seidou pulls off the double play on Inashiro.

Going into the ninth, Seidou is up to bat. Narumiya still stands on the mound and Miyuki's first to bat. Miyuki misses the first pitch and decides to gamble on Narumiya's fastballs since he can't hit Narumiya's breaking balls. Miyuki hits and runs all the way to second. Furuya’s next up to bat and Narumiya has a glimpse of his pain after Inashiro's Koshien loss the previous year.


Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.