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Season 1, Episode 19
Air date February 16, 2014
Written by Takeshi Konuta
Directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara
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Fate (Innen, 因縁) is Episode 19 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 54 to 56.


On the last day of the training camp, a three-way round robin is held between Seidou, Shuuhoku and Inashiro Industrial.


The first of the practice games is between Seidou and Inashiro Industrial. Kawakami Norifumi pitches for Seidou, but struggles. Sawamura asks Kataoka's permission to pitch seeing that Kawakami is at his limit but Kataoka declines him. Kuramochi and Masuko shocked by Sawamura's ignorance, pulls the pitcher away to a corner and scolds him. They tell him that Inashiro is playing with their non-starters, and that pitching for the entire game against Inashiro should give Kawakami confidence, since he lacks it despite having the skills. Seidou's catcher for the game, Miyauchi Keisuke,

Miyauchi is determined to catch any pitch Kawakami throws.

goes up to Kawakami, surprisingly grabs Kawakami's balls, then tells him to pitch with confidence and that he'll catch any pitch he throws. Hearing this gives Kawakami confidence and pitches a strike.

That scrimmage ends with a victory for Inashiro. Sawamura cleans up the bench and is later approached by two Inashiro players. One of them asks if Furuya will pitch on the next game, only to be teased by the other. Sawamura wonders what's up with them but answers that Furuya will not pitch. Sawamura is asked more about Furuya, much to his annoyance. Sawamura starts babbling about Seidou's new amazing pitcher and Furuya's poor performance. But before he can say more, Miyuki and Kuramochi arrive. Miyuki confirms Furuya's current condition but the Inashiro player doesn't seem to trust him. They talk for a little before the Inashiro players leave for their game against Shuuhoku.

Masuko and Kuramochi gets fired up after seeing Narumiya's change-up.

The two players are revealed to be Inashiro's battery: Second year ace, Narumiya Mei; who Miyuki considers to be Seidou's fated rival and Harada Masatoshi, Captain and catcher. Miyuki tells Furuya and Sawamura to observe Narumiya. Narumiya shows off his pitching prowess and even reveals his new pitch, the 'changeup'[1]. Inashiro's coach is not happy with Narumiya displaying the pitch, hence switched him out. Miyuki thinks Narumiya threw the pitch to scare Seidou, but it had the opposite effect. The team is fired up.

The final game is between Seidou and Shuuhoku. Seidou’s ace, Kōchirō Tanba forms a battery with Miyuki. He pitches a curve ball that almost hits the ground, a fastball, and a pitch that is yet to be seen, the forkball[2], which Miyuki’s been saving for the second half.


  1. The Changeup is an off-speed pitch, usually thrown to look like a fastball but arriving much slower to the plate. Its reduced speed coupled with its deceptive delivery is meant to confuse the batter's timing.
  2. The Forkball is a type of pitch where the ball drops off the plate before it gets to the catcher's mitt.