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Fastball, Featuring Todoroki
Season 2, Episode 42
Air date January 25, 2016
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Fastball, Featuring Todoroki is episode 42 of Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from chapter 374 to chapter 377 of the manga.


Seidou scores the first run of the game with Maezono's bat while Kawakami pitches strongly at the bottom. On top of the third, Seidou on scoring position and Miyuki at-bat, Raizou makes his move sending in Raichi to the mound to face Miyuki.


Top of the second, Seidou is up to bat. First and batting fifth is Maezono and Isashiki is cheering for him. The first pitch is a strike on the outside, followed by a breaking ball that Maezono hits up front. Its a weak hit but he makes it to first as the fielders were confused by his swing. Batting next is Shirasu who pulls off a slug bunt and run, impressing his teammates. Now runners on third and first, at-bat is Higasa. The first pitch is a foul over the third line base then a hit to left field. The fielder catches the ball, Maezono's going for the tag-up, and successfully scores. Batting next is Asou whose hit to third is caught by Raichi, thus, preventing Seidou from scoring. Bottom of the second, Kawakami retires Yakushi's six, seven and eight holes.

Top of the third, Kuramochi hits and the ball goes just over and behind the shortstop. Kuramochi makes it to base. Tojou strongly hits next and with Yakushi's fielder throwing to Yone in an effort to out Tojou, Kuramochi runs through third trusting Mimura's signal to keep running. With that play, Seidou scores their second run. Haruichi follows suit smacking the ball between left and center. With Seidou once again in a position to score and Miyuki at-bat, Raizou calls for a pitcher change, sending Raichi to the mound. The unpredictable course of Raichi's pitches makes it difficult for Miyuki to hit and he is eventually jammed. Tadano and Narumiya arrives in time for the latter to see Miyuki's performance then comments. Like Miyuki, Maezono also struck out surprised that the speed of Raichi's pitches increase with each throw.