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Fall Tournament Drawings

The Fall Tournament (秋季東京都高等学校野球大会 Shūki Tōkyō To Kōtō Gakkō Yakyū Taikai) or officially known as the Autumn Tokyo High School Baseball Tournament is a tournament held from October to November to determine the strongest teams in each of the ten regions : Chugoku, Hokkaido, Hokushin'etsu, Kansai, Kantou, Kyushu, Shikoku, Tokyo, Touhoku, and Toukai.[1]

Since third years from each team retire after the Summer, the tournament also tests the strength of the new teams. The winners of this tournament qualify for the Meiji Jingu Tournament and are practically guaranteed an invite to Spring Koshien.

Unlike the qualifying tournaments for Summer Koshien, there are no seedings for teams competing in the Fall Tournament. This makes it more possible to see high profile schools face each other in earlier rounds.

In Act I, the tournament started on October 2 and ended on October 24.


Fall Tokyo Metropolitan Tournament
Teams Rank
Seidou High Winner
Yakushi High School Runner-up
Ichidaisan High School Semi-Finals
Seiko Academy Semi-Finals
Sensen Academy Quarterfinals
Ōya Metropolitan High School Quarterfinals
Ugumori High School Third Round
Akikawa Academy Third Round
Inashiro Industrial Second Round
Nanamori Academy Second Round
Teito High School First Round
Metropolitan Mino Preliminary
Seishou Academy Preliminary
Toyosaki High School Preliminary


  • In the manga, the Fall Tournament is one of two tournaments where all matches were held on the weekends or non-school days...

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