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OAD, Episode 1
Air date December 31, 2014
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Face is the first OAD of the anime Diamond no Ace. This is included in the limited-edition DVD which is an anime adaptation of "Face -Kominato Ryousuke Special Bangai-hen-", which appeared in the Ace of Diamond Official Guidebook Ura and is about the Kominato Brothers, their childhood, and how Ryousuke finally choose Seidou as his High school.


Kominato Ryosuke returns home after being away for 10 months and bonds with his younger brother Haruichi.


Upon returning to his hometown after 10 months, Ryosuke sees two brothers that walk by him and is reminded of him and Haruichi when they were little.

In a flashback, Ryosuke walks home with a crying Haruichi who has been bullied. He tells his younger brother that it's because he easily cries that he gets picked-on. Ryosuke then tells Haruichi to go back home on his own and goes to fight with the kids that bullied Haruichi.

Back to the present, Ryosuke meets with old friends and is told that Haruichi is well liked by their coach. He arrives home and is welcomed by his mother who remarks that he's looking manly. He sees a picture of him and Haruichi as kids and thinks back of the time when Haruichi watch him play baseball and later on, also decides to play second baseman. Haruichi gets home and see Ryosuke sleeping on the couch, taking notice of the blisters on Ryosuke's palm. Haruichi later asks Ryosuke that they go to the shrine together, before Ryosuke returns to Tokyo.

After praying on the shrine, Haruichi asks Ryosuke's wish. Ryosuke answers "to go to Koshien" and asks Haruichi's. Haruichi says it's about high school. Ryosuke suggests for Haruichi to accept the scholarship offer from Takeyama, confessing that he actually wanted to go there but wasn't accepted. He then share to Haruichi his experiences at Seidou.

On the day of Ryosuke's return to Tokyo, Haruichi chases after him wanting to walk Ryosuke to the station. Haruichi however, soon change his mind deciding to go to the batting cages. 3 months later, Ryosuke receives a call from his father saying that Haruichi too, wants to go to Seidou. Ryosuke joins his teammates afterwards and practice his batting.


Opening Theme[]

  • "Hashire! Mirai (疾走れ!ミライ)" by Glay

End Theme[]

  • "PROMISED FIELD" by Seidou High School Basebal Club