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Expectations of an Ace
Season 1, Episode 39
Air date July 13, 2014
Written by Takeshi Konuta
Directed by Mitsuyuki Masuhara
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Expectations of an Ace (Kitai o Seotte; 期待を背負って) is Episode 39 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The Episode follows the storyline from chapter 114 to 116 of the manga.


In the battle between Seidou and Yakushi's aces, Tanba strike out Sanada with the curveball. Seidou's batters attack aggressively in the bottom of the inning, expanding their lead. Yakushi however, has not given up on the game despite being down by three, and Raizou reveals his plan of turning the game around.


Tanba steps on the mound and Kawakami is quick to apologize. Tanba however, says that watching him, Furuya and Sawamura pitch has kept his morale up, then ask Kawakami that he entrust to him to carry on their passion. Kawakami hands over the ball then leave the mound.

Tanba inherits runners on first and third and the ace pitcher and six-hole batter is up next. Miyuki warns that the Yakushi hitters swing from the first throw, and they need to be careful on the first pitch. Miyuki calls for a fastball on the all-important first pitch. He just wants to intimidate the batter, no matter if it’s a ball or not. Miyuki calls for a fastball to the outside but Tanba throws to the inside, and the ball goes high behind the batter, foul. After two throws, Sanada is cornered. The third ball is a curveball, but it goes wild. Miyuki just barely stops it with his right hand, stopping the third base runner. The fourth ball goes nearly straight to the pitcher’s head, but curves hard to the inside and strikes Sanada out.

In the bottom of the the eighth, Seidou's batters attack aggressively and expand their lead to three. The inning ends with Furuya hitting into a double play. To help minimize defensive errors, Kataoka replace Furuya with Kadota. The next batters for Yakushi are the seven-eighth-nine batters, and Raizou's plan is to put some guys on base and bring Raichi up to bat to turn the game around.