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Entrusted Faith and the Courage to Perform
Season 1, Episode 54
Air date October 25, 2014
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Entrusted Faith and the Courage to Perform (Takusu Shinrai, Kotaeru Yuuki, 託す信頼、応える勇気) is Episode 54 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series. The episode follows the storyline from chapters 159 to near end of chapter 162 of the manga.


Tanba replaces Furuya and Furuya is sent to the left field. Inashiro's Yamaoka hits a homerun and Tanba is shaken. Can he gain back his confidence?


One out and a runner on second. Seidou's eighth-hole, Kadota is at-bat. He bunts to advance Furuya to third. Batting ninth is Shirasu, who waits for a fast ball. The first pitch is a crossfire, then a ball. The third is a fastball and Shirasu hits. Shirakawa chases after the ball, quickly throwing to first. Shirasu is out and Seidou is unable to score.

Tanba replaces Furuya and Furuya is sent to the left field. Kataoka tells him that the team still need his strength. Narumiya declares a win over Furuya. Sakai and Kadota wishes Furuya good luck. He later on says the same to Tanba on the mound. Bottom of the fifth, at bat is Inashiro's Yamaoka. The first and second pitches are curve balls. Miyuki calls for a fastball to the outside and Yamaoka hits a homerun. Tanba is shaken. Next at-bat is Hirai. Tanba throws four balls walking him. Miyuki talks to Tanba on the mound to try calm him, but still ends up walking the next batter due to a dead ball. Inashiro now have runners on first and second with no outs. At-bat is Inashiro's ninth-hole Fujikawa. Miyuki looks at Kataoka but Kataoka still leaves the game on their hands. Miyuki let's him bunt, runs after the ball and throws to third. Carlos compliments Miyuki for that play and is next at-bat. The first pitch is a ball. Carlos bunts the next pitch but is a foul.

Miyuki calls for a fastball to the inside reminding him to have courage. Kataoka observes Tanba and recalls the time when he scolds him. Tanba runs on the ground wanting to change himself. As he later rests, tired and on tears, Kataoka tells him that he's a much better pitcher than he gives himself credit for. And to have more faith in his abilities. Back in the game, Tanba pitches, Carlos hits, Masuko catches the ball. Tanba walks the next batter which is Shirakawa but out's Yoshizawa. Seidou rejoices.


Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.