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Enjō Renji
Komadai Fujimaki - No. 2
Bats: - Throws: right
Kanji 円城 蓮司
Gender Male
Age 16-17
Date of birth 1 November
Place of birth Hokkaido
Education 2nd Year High School
First Appearance
Manga Act II - Chapter 1
Anime Act II - Episode 1
Voice Actor Junichi Suwabe

Enjou Renji is a second year student of Komadai Fujimaki. He is the catcher of their baseball team and forms a battery with the ace Hongō Masamune.


Enjou is a tall and lean teenager. He has short brown hair and black eyes and wear a pair of black frame glasses even underneath his catcher helmet.


Enjou seems to have a serious personality and would usually remind Hongou to calm down or behave rationally in front of their coach and other people.


Enjou has been forming a battery with Masamune Hongou since their junior days in Aoba Middle School[1]. He enrolled in Komadai Fujimaki with his friend Hongou and has became part of the team that wins back to back Major Tournaments.


Act II[]

Enjou is first seen in the hotel watching the TV broadcast of Seidou 1st round game with Komadai team. He reminds Hongou to pay attention to Seidou noting that they are a strong opponent and that Furuya is a good pitcher; however, Hongou cuts him off and Enjou is then called off by Nitta to gather their players to hold a meeting in preparations for their game on the next day.


On top of the 1st inning, Enjou forms battery with Hongou and got 3 quick strikeouts on Seidou's lead-off batters. In the bottom inning, Komadai attacks Furuya immediately and with runners on base, Enjou lands a go ahead 2 runs RBI off of Furuya to earn Komadai the lead over Seidou in the QF[1]; Despite unable to expand the lead for the rest of the game, with Enjou game calling and Hongou's stellar pitching, Komadai closed out a shutout game over Seidou and moves on to the Semifinal.


Komadai faces off against Hakuryu and even without Hongou pitching, Komadai held off Hakuryu to yet another shutout while Enjou himself scored 3 RBI, advancing Komadai to the Final of the Tournament.


Enjou is paired up with Hongou again and the battery scores yet another shutout over Seiseisha and Komadai wins their Triple Crown by sweeping the consecutive Major Tournaments of Summer Koshien-Meiji Jingu-Spring Senbatsu[2].


Enjou appears to be a solid catcher who can comfortably catch Hongou's 150+ kph fastball. He's also capable of handling Hongou's Splitter, a pitch that breaks viciously and can bounce on the dirt, competently.

Enjou is quite an accomplished batter within Komadai team. Throughout the course of the (84th) Spring Senbatsu, Enjou repeatedly displays his batting prowess by earning run support for Komadai as he scores RBIs off of notable pitchers such as Furuya of Seidou and Ouno of Hakuryu en route to winning the Title.[1] With such contributions, Enjou is undoubtedly one of the most significant player offensively for Komadai.







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