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Did You Just Pitch...
Season 2, Episode 10
Air date June 8, 2015
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Did You Just Pitch... is episode 10 of the Diamond no Ace Anime series Season 2. The episode follows the storyline from Chapter 261 to the first few pages of Chapter 264.


The second round of the Fall tournament begin. In one stadium is Seidou High versus Nanamori Academy while in another stadium is Inashiro Industrial's match against Ugumori High. Seidou is up by five on top of the first. At the bottom, Sawamura starts for the first time, and is determined to throw to the inside after Nanamori's fourth batter confidently hits his outside pitch.


On October 9th, Seidou High face Nanamori Academy in the second round of the Fall tournament. Furuya is displeased playing left field and Nanamori's coach, Tatsuomi Hara think Seidou underestimates them but looks happy. For Seidou's lineup, Haruichi is the three-hole to his surprise, while Maezono moves down to fifth. Kanemaru also get's to play being the eighth batter and third baseman. At the bullpen Sawamura warms-up with Miyuki and unknowingly throws to the inside.

In a different stadium is Inashiro Industrial's match against Ugumori High. Hirano Keiji is Inashiro's starting pitcher while an irritable Narumiya plays left field. Narumiya later criticizes Hirano, claiming how his pitch is getting swung at. But Narumiya's mood is quick to change when Hirano admits that he can pitch comfortably knowing that Narumiya got his back. Inashiro gets the first run of the game impressing Ugumori's ace.

Back to Seidou and Nanamori's match-up, Seidou attacks relentlessly and is up by two. With two outs and bases loaded, at-bat is Kanemaru who hit right between left and center. The runners get home and Seidou's lead expand. At Seidou's defense, Sawamura throws to the outside displeasing Ochiai who again watch from the stands. Miyuki calls for an inside pitch but Sawamura hits the batter. Sawamura walks the second batter. The third batter gets out but successfully advance the runners. Nanamori's fourth batter, Goda is up. The first pitch is a foul. Miyuki want to ask for inside pitches but decides to play it safe and calls for an outside. Sawamura shakes off the sign understanding the batter, and wants to pitch to the inside. Miyuki looks at Kataoka who nods his head as a sign of approval. Miyuki readies for the pitch and Sawamura throws.