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General RulesImage PolicyManual of Style

  • Unused images will likely be deleted.
  • Non-Diamond no Ace images are not accepted, except if they are used by a user page or blog. They are preferred to be kept to a minimum.
  • Duplicated images will be deleted. Always check if the picture hasn't been uploaded first.
  • Only official pictures are allowed on mainspace content. Fan-art is only accepted in userpages or blogs. Sourcing and crediting the artist is strongly recommended.
  • Rename the file before you upload it. Sometimes saved pictures are named out of completely random letters and numbers. Change them before you upload them. If you don't, the file will be moved, if not deleted.
  • Files are preferred to be in PNG-format. This is the best format for high-quality pictures.

We will check the gallery from time to time.
If images do not meet these requirements, they will most likely be deleted.