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I will try to draw out the best of your abilities. You should focus on the batter before you. Acclaim from others will follow.
Miyuki Kazuya to Sawamura

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Ochiai Hiromitsu is the "assistant coach" of the Seidou High School baseball team and has a radical, straightforward approach to lead a team. Because Ochiai doesn't share the same view as Kataoka he often appears out of nowhere – which is kind of creepy sometimes - when the coach is not around, to talk to the players alone, so that nobody gets in his way. He often gives the impression of being arrogant and smug.

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"Learn today. Devote every moment."

Seidou High is a high school located in Kokubunji, a city in West Tokyo. It has a strong baseball team led by Coach Kataoka Tesshin. However, they have not successfully advanced to the Nationals for six years. They were beaten by Inashiro Industrial in the preliminary finals during the summer tournament.

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