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Was I like that as well, conceited and crumbling under self-imposed pressure. It's so obvious when you watch from the side.

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Umemiya Seiichi, whose nickname is "Ume-chan", is a second year student of Ugumori High School. He is the ace pitcher of the Ugumori High Baseball Club, and fourth batter. Umemiya is a strong willed player who is confident in himself and optimistic in the face of adversities. He values his teammates and is the moodmaker of the team.

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Ugumori High School is a school located in Adachi, a ward in East Tokyo. It is a strong school that was in the best 16 of the East Tokyo Summer Qualifer. They defeated Inashiro Industrial in the second round of the Fall Tournament, but lost to Seidou High in the third round.

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