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If you're that hell-bent on toughing it out, then make sure your determination lasts till the end. Crumble down only after we'll have won.

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Kuramochi Youichi is known for his speedy base running, quick throws, and as well as being the lead-off batter. Kuramochi is considered an evil-like character due to his enjoyment in playing pranks and laughing at others. Due to their similar natures, Kuramochi is a character that is often lumped together with Miyuki. The two are frequently seen together at school, and during their first year, they moved up to first string together.

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Ugumori High School is a school located in Adachi, a ward in East Tokyo. It is a strong school that was in the best 16 of the East Tokyo Summer Qualifer. They defeated Inashiro Industrial in the second round of the Fall Tournament, but lost to Seidou High in the third round.

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!! Season 3 announced !!

It's been announced on November 25, 2018 that Daiya no A - Act II will receive an anime in 2019.

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Chapter 158: Thank you
Chapter 157: The end
Chapter 156: Probing
Chapter 155: The All-Out Seidou
Chapter 154: Charged

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