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I will try to draw out the best of your abilities. You should focus on the batter before you. Acclaim from others will follow.
Miyuki Kazuya to Sawamura

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Yuuki Tetsuya is the former captain of Seidou. He was dedicated to enhancing his batting and fielding for the furtherance of the team and doesn't hesitate to lend his help even after his retirement. He has outstanding presence just by standing in the batter's box. Called an "unshakeable pillar" by his team mates, opposing teams regard him as the biggest threat and monster for he is able to hit any kind of pitch even by Kantō's no. 1 pitcher Narumiya Mei.

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Ouya Metropolitan High is a school located in Ōta, a ward in East Tokyo. It is a school that focuses on preparing its students for University entry; hence, students who neglect their studies are not allowed to participate in games. The Ouya High baseball team can decode the opposing teams signs and has a solid batting lineup that is good with fastballs. Ouya has made it to the National Tournament (Summer Koshien) once in their history.

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